Connect with your neighbours and keep up with issues affecting Prospect Lake District community. Join us at monthly meetings and, or one of our many social events throughout the year. We have many opportunities for participants and volunteers to join in.

If you would like to work with some wonderful neighbors on our activities, or if you have your own initiative you’d like to propose please contact our board via the secretary at secretary@pldca.ca.

Opportunities for ages 12 to 103!
Just some of the things our volunteers work on together include:

  • Organizing community social events
  • Working with Saanich on issues such as traffic, lake issues and environment
  • Hall maintenance (a surprisingly social group)
  • Organizing grant applications and dances
  • Governance (bylaws etc.)
  • Liaising with our local school PACs to see where we can support them
  • Organizing seniors activities and support
  • Exercise programs at the hall
  • Newsletter production and communications
  • Hall grounds gardening & maintenance